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Sports Class Nationals - Contest Day 8 Report

Contest 8 Report

Day 8 began with another Pilots' Meeting which a tip box was passed around for Ground Launch Crew Team, but no Soaring Court was held.

Grid time was, as always, set for Noon.  Sniffer was up at 12:15, and first launch was 12:30 again.  All planes were up in the air in just over an hour.  There were no relight and no land outs.  The task included going East to Griffin Table, North to Whisky Knoll, Southwest to Junction, North Northwest to Kanash Canyon, and South Southwest to Parowan. All planes came down just after the ending of the 3 hour task within 40 minutes (a record time for this competition).

Scores (as of 5:55 PM)

1st - 7V, Ray Gimmey, 987 pts

2nd - W3, Tim Welles, 931 pts

3rd - 21, Rick Culbertson, 950 pts

4th - 9B, Andy Blackburn, 834 pts

5th - RV, Richard van Grunsven, 840 pts

The day ended with a Mexican dinner with a talk about New Zealand soaring by Gavin Wills.

Posted: 6/23/2010


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