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Sports Class Nationals - Contest Day 5 Report

Contest Day 5 Report


                The fifth contest day began with a Pilot’s Meeting.  Soaring Court did not need to be called.  The daily prizes were given out.  And Mike Stringfellow gave his daily weather report.

                Grid time was at noon, and the sniffer was launch at 12:30 PM.  All gliders were in the air within an hour and twenty minutes.  The task was MAT (a do whatever you want flight) with a required turn point at Interstate 15 Exit 44, to line all the gliders up for landing.  There were two relight and eight landouts.


1st – 7V, Ray Gimmey, 992 pts

2nd – 9B, Andy Blackburn, 921 pts

3rd – 21, Rick Culbertson, 798 pts

4th – RF, Robin Clark, 923 pts

5th – BF, Bob Faris, 965 pts

To see the rest of the scores, see the Contest Results page .


The day ended with a ten dollar dinner.


-Krista Knauer

Media Lead

Posted: 6/20/2010


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