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18-Meter Nationals - Contest Day 3 Report

Hi race fans,

I will be posting all the contest meetings and reports on YouTube. If you have any questions or problems, please get in touch.

The pilot's meeting just ended and it looks like a good soaring day to get the third race day in. Weather will be more iffy for the balance. O'Bama is in Columbus today so we will be drawing a 35 mile radius TAF around the Columbus airport. The task area is also to the east southest of the field so all the pilot's are checking their SUAs and Dave Nadler offered his revised file to the contestants. Tom's weather report indicated weak conditions in all other sectors.

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Watch the contest real time through SPOT at

First part of two of the YouTube video of the pilot's meeting.

Second part of two of the YouTube video of the pilot's meeting.

Flight line around noon

Flight line around one, YO takes off with his electric motor

F1 Retrieve part 1

F1 Retrieve part 2

Daton Channel 7 news report on emergency glider landing

In their own words:
John Lubon, "I stayed to the west of the task line and followed the line of about 5 haze domes along I-675 and finnally hit a 4 knot thermal to gain 500' for final glide."
Ed Hollestelle, "One instrument said I could make it home, another said I was -100' when I was near Green County airport. Got a bit of a lift off of the gravel quarry and headed back hoping I could find a bump. But there was only weak sink. When I could lony see the trees before the field I turned around and landed in the field two miles from the field."

Best Regards,
Chuck Lohre, chuck@lohre.com, 513-260-9025

Posted: 6/18/2010


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