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Sports Class Nationals - Contest Day 2 Report

Contest Report:  Day 2

Contest Day 2 began with another 10 AM Pilot's Meeting.  Then griding at noon.  Mike "Strike" Stringfellow, Contest Weatherman, had predicted that there would be low lift.  He went up as the sniffer and came back down twenty minutes later after finding almost no lift.  

The first launch took off at 1 PM, and all planes were launched with in an hour and ten minutes.  There were four re-lights, and four-land outs (one before the opening of the task).  The task wasn't even started until 2:45 PM because the pilots were not having much success on climbing.  The task was shortened from 3 and a half hours to two and a half and one turn point was taken off.  Many pilots gave up after a few hours of flying with no luck and just came back.

Today's shortened task included flying Northeast to Richfield, then South to Bryce Canyon, and Northwest to Beaver City. 


1st - MP, George and Gavin Wills, 835 pts

2nd - OO, Devin Bargainnier, 785 pts

3rd - ZL, David Leonard, 761 pts

4th - W3, Tim Welles, 668 pts

5th - 9B, Andy Blackburn, 683 pts


David Leonard came in for landing with gear up and will have to drop out of the contest.

Of the 42 contestants at this contest, 35 have SPOT trackers.  Crews and spectators enjoyed seeing the glider fleet making their way around the task on a contest map projected on a big screen in the main contest hangar.  The contest SPOT map is provided by Hawke Tracking LLC (http://www.hawketracking.com) which provides SPOT tracking services for contests and clubs.

Finally, dinner was held at 7 PM.  And the day finished as new tow roped were prepared.

Posted: 6/17/2010


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