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18-Meter Nationals - Contest Day 2 Report

Hi race fans,

At the pilot's meeting this morning, Dave Nadler gave a report on the mid-air at Parowan. He had a close call like this before and causioned the group on proper thermal entry, especially if you are entering from the bottom. Dave wanted me to add that you should look left and right as you enter the thermal and don't fixate in those above and below you. Don't do zoomies into thermals.

The comment about physics was mine and not Dave's.

Watch the contest real time through SPOT at

The grid launched early today as the threat of high clouds moved in. After launch, the task was reduced from an assigned task of 6 Connersville, 10 Fayette and 24 Moraine to a MAT with 28 Oxford and a five mile radius.

Dianne Black and Linda Murray are fying up some chicken for dinner tonight as I write this. Linda has outdone herself with some great evening fair and we all look forward to Saturday night when Henry Meyerrose is the fiberglass chef at the Ox Roast.

Go to http://tiny.cc/omxw4 and check out all the photos that have been uploaded. We are trying to take photos of every pilot and their crew so catch me if yours isn't up yet. And if you would like the high res, just take if off of the flash drive in the digital picture frame in the club house.

Ever wonder how 711 Tom Kelly's glider got it's tail art, a pair of dice with a cobra in between? Bruce Crandell did the art work. Tom's Nimbus first had just a pair of dice when Bruce crewed for him back in the 80s. When Tom got his new glider, they added the snake. Note the left die has seven on the sides and the right die has eleven on the sides. "Pretty cool for a one armed and one eyed Vietnam Vet artist," Tom complimented.

No videos today. If you have any questions or problems, please get in touch.

Best Regards,
Chuck Lohre, chuck@lohre.com, 513-260-9025

Posted: 6/17/2010


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