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Sports Class Nationals - Contest Day 1 Report

Competition Report:  First Competition Day

The eagles completed their first task today.

The first day of competition began with a 10 AM Pilots Meeting.  And then Grid Time at Noon.  The first plane took off at about 12:50 PM, and all 44 planes took off with in an hour and ten minutes.

Our weatherman, Mike "Strike" Stringfellow, wore a white hat today, indicating that the weather was going to be good. And the weather was very favorable with sunny skies, temperatures in the 80's, winds out of the south, and thermals at 4-6 knots.  Unfortunately, strong winds forecasted for tomorrow will make it a rest day.

The task for the day included heading northeast to Kanosh Canyon, then going southwest to Pine Valley Mountain, returning northeast to exit 95 in Interstate 15, and then returning southwest to the airport.

Today we used SPOT tracking on several planes to update crew members in real time of the position of their pilots.  The link for the website where that is located is:


During launching, an annoying crop duster decided to fly over head and another plane decided to take off on the other side of the runway.  Before launching was finished, two gliders returned and relit.  There were no land-outs.  But one interesting incident occurred on top of that:

Gliders 5S and W3 (both competitors) collided mid-air over a thermal 75 miles North from the airport.  5 feet of 5S's left wing tore off as it hit W3's fuselage.  5S returned to the airport immediately without having to land out.  W3 finished his task and came back and ended up being  the first return.


1st - W3, Tim Welles, 1000 pts

2nd - 52, Timothy Taylor, 982 pts

3rd - GW, Steve Koerner, 978 pts

4th - 9B, Andy Blackburn, 987 pts

5th - 7V, Ray Gimmey, 965 pts


The full list of scores can be found on the Contest Results page.

The day ended with a meal at 7 PM.

The eagles then folded up their wings and put their planes in the cases for the night for fear of the wind.

- Krista Knauer

Media Lead

Posted: 6/15/2010


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