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18-Meter Nationals - June 15 Report

Conditions are wet at the field but there will be a window of flyable conditions from 1 to 3 p.m. Linda may call a 2 hour MAT with Hook as the turnpoint. They are gridding now and will meet about 12:20 p.m.

The contest day was called because of low ceilings. John Lubon made it to the Dayton Mall and back and the max he got was 2000 AGL on final glide back. John released at 1500 AGL. K1 just landed at 17:21.

JW, Jack Walker, got out of the 5 mile start cylinder once. It took him two hours to get back to tow altitude!

UH, Hank Nixon got to Lebanon, 8 miles away, "No fooling around."

Yesterday Ken Sorenson got in the wave and got up to 5000' MSL. Today Mike Parker reported that he saw someone in wave as well. John Lubon explained the  event as recognizing that the cloud streets aren't lining up with the wind they are perpendicular.

From Rolf Hegele -  Let people know they can watch the contest real time through SPOT at http://hawketracking.org/ccsc/files/trackinglarge.htm .

Posted: 6/15/2010


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