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Sports Class Nationals - Practice Day 2 Report

Contest Report:  Second (More Like First) Day of Practice

Today, the eagles spread their wings, their really, really long wings, for the first time at the National Sports Class Soaring Competition in Parowan, Utah.  The (what was supposed to be) Second (but was actually First and only) Practice Day kicked off this morning, Monday the 14th with final registration at 8 AM to discuss the day's agenda and a Pilot's Meeting at 10 AM.  Weigh-ins were finished at Noon, and the first practice flights began at 12:45 PM.

44 gliders launched today out of 45 registered competitors in good time (about 50 minutes).  There was only one relight and only two land-outs.

The weather today was great with temperatures in the lower 70's, clear skies, wind out of the northwest, and 3-5 knots of thermals.

Competitors came from all parts of the states, Canada, New Zealand, and Germany for this competition. And 12 Airforce officers and cadets from the Academy also are competing.

All competitors returned from their practice flight by 6:30 PM, and a Mandatory Pilot's meeting was held at 7 PM to clarify rules and work out all kinks and address the agenda for the next day, the first day of competition.  Guest speaker, Jay Hopkins, gave a speech on "Air Prevention," which is basic safety and how not to make stupid mistakes.  And then the day wrapped up, and the eagles returned to their nests.

- Krista Knauer

Media Lead

Posted: 6/14/2010


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