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Region V South - Day enter day Report

Saturday Morning--Hot & humid!!! Heat index at grid time 110 deg F !

Cu's visible in all quadrants early.  We have a sniffer today, Clyde (BH) Taylor. Contestants warned to stay in shade and off the runway as long as possible. Grid up early, seek shade, launch later!

Today is the sixth contest day, a record for Cordele as well as anyone can recall.  Of course, us old timers can't remember much!

Task today is an assigned task for Club Class, Std & 15m, and a MAT for Sports, which is "coincident" with Club Class.

Std/15m  Start1, Unadilla, Americus, Sylvester, and home.

Sports & Club--Start 1, Warwick, Ashburn, Rochelle, Lilly, VetMem and Finish--2:00 hr for Sports.

So far, no relights, no landouts yet.


Posted: 6/12/2010


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