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Region V South - Day 2 Morning Report

Weatherman Scott Fletcher forecasts a blue day with possible isolated cu's.  Warmer and drier today.  5-6 kts. aloft from the northeast .  Freezing level 15,180 feet.  Haha. 

CD Ray Galloway called two more Turn Area Tasks but promises an Assigned Task as soon as weather conditions permit.

Safety Talk George Green:  Emergency Bailout Tips  

You must be ready to bail out.  Lack of mental preparaton can kill you and a few seconds  can save your life.  Therefore, think through the process for leaving your aircraft several times prior to entering the cockpit. 

Where's the ripcord handle?  Practice finding it.

Do you know how much force is required to pull the ripcord on your particular parachute? You can find out by pulling it when you take your parachute to your rigger for re-packing.  Get in the habit of putting your parachute on and taking it off only when you are outside your glider.  You don't want to get into the habit of unfastening the parachute harness while you are in the cockpit.  You might just do that in the stress of a bail-out sitution and you will not be pleased with the results.  After clear of the glider, look for the ripord handle, hook both thumbs through it and pull it!  Once the canopy opens look up for the steering toggles and use them to steer into the wind and away from obstacles.  Pull in the direction you want to turn.  Land with your knees bent and slightly flexed.  Feet together if you're landing in a tree.



15M/STD:  3:00 hrs, 147 miles, nominal

01 Start Gate 

17 Eastman  (10mile radius on all turnpoints)

32 Tifton      

28 Rochelle

02 Finish


Club/ Sports Class:  2:30 hrs., 108 miles, nominal

01 Start

17 Eastman   10 mile radius

18 Fitzgerald   15 mile radius







Posted: 6/8/2010


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