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1-26 Championships - Day Scrubbed

Some PW-5 pilots were launched three times, and a couple of intrepid 1-26 drivers tried their luck, but conditions were simply too erratic to sustain a task.  

Tom Pressley, Scorekeeper

Addendum by the CD:

A very frustrating day for all. Weatherman Ward Hindman said we would get enough convection to sustain a task, with 3 knots to 4400 feet. However, bands of altostratus kept moving in and shutting things off. Conditions cycled between Ward's forecast 3 knots and flat dead calm, with a period of about 40 minutes.

We spent the early afternoon chasing the sunshine, but it never lasted long enough to allow a fair task.

Tomorrow will be hotter.  All we need is a clear sky.


Posted: 6/4/2010


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