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Region 6 North - Day 3a Report

Day 5 Report – Friday, June 4, 2010

The dawn broke this morning with blue skies, but with a front moving in quickly from the west, Irn says it looks like it will be a “rest day.”  Showers moving in from Wisconsin will bring rain and possibly severe thunderstorms, so with safety always the first priority there will be no task for today.  Patience is the word in determining whether we will be able to get in a third contest day tomorrow.

Frank Paynter received the day’s trophy at the pilot’s meeting.  He related his strategy of investigating the skies and streets prior to the start, and making his decisions of where to go based on his findings.

Bob Fidler graciously gave an impromptu safety talk.  He related the too close proximity of his glider and another during yesterday’s contest flight.  He was able to avoid a collision because he was nearing a turnpoint and aware that there could be other traffic and was looking for just such traffic.

His second topic was thermalling etiquette.  His strategy when entering a gaggle is to maintain a safe separation from other gliders.  Doing abrupt things in thermals when there is a multitude of gliders is not only inconsiderate, but dangerous.  If you find yourself in a gaggle with such a pilot, the best thing is to leave the gaggle.  Also, pilots joining a thermal at a high rate of speed are exhibiting unnecessarily risky behavior .

Pilots, crew and contest participants will gather again tonight for a picnic-style dinner in hopes of another fly day tomorrow.

            Laura Betzoldt

Posted: 6/4/2010


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