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Region 6 North - Day 2b Report

Day 4 Report – Thursday, June 3, 2010

Once again the morning skies were overcast , even foggy, but with the promise of gradual clearing from the northwest, a MAT of 1 ½ hours minimum time was proposed with  a 1 p.m. grid.   Frank Paynter, held an impromptu mentoring session for the newbies on the strategies and nuances of flying a MAT.

In the meantime Ron Clarke, who is flying in the contest with Barry Jaeger in Barry’s new Arcus T, gave the safety remarks, prefacing his thoughts with the idea that soaring should be fun, and the less safe it is, the less fun it is.  He put the burden for safety on the pilot-in-command in all areas of flight.  During take-off, it is the pilot’s responsibility to watch for obstacles and hazards, and particularly, should insist that all vehicles, spectators, porta-johns, etc., be behind the flight line.  While in flight, he reminded pilots to be vigilant in watching for other planes, and aware of the distractions caused by fiddling with computers and electronics.  Not least of all, is the extreme care needed for a safe landing as this is where most accidents happen. 

By 2:10 p.m. the small fleet began to launch and the gate was declared open at 3 p.m.  By then cloud streets appeared to be forming with ceilings over 3,500 feet.  However, the afternoon was not without its challenges and landouts.  But, Frank Paynter in his Ventus 2bx led the way and moved into first place with a 95-mile flight with a raw speed of 55 mph.  Alberto Negro, flying his ASH-26E, was second with a raw speed of 42 mph  

Later everyone enjoyed a hearty meal of pasta and salad served by Fly-Girl Maggie Wint, AKA Office Operations Manager for Benz Aviation.

            Laura Betzoldt

Posted: 6/3/2010


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