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Region 6 North - Day 1 Report

Ionia Region 6 North Contest
Report for Day 1 – Monday, May 31, 2010

The weather report in Ionia from Bob Fidler threatened scattered thunderstorms all day, and so the interim CD, Manfred Franke, said the chance of soaring was comparable to “burnt toast”—prop in hand.   The final decision as to whether to fly or not was delayed until noon to allow for every opportunity to get in a contest day.

Lorry Charchian gave the week’s first safety talk, focusing on two items.  First, that most of our planes today are manufactured with a fixed tail wheel which he suggests could end in a bad result from a ground loop.  He plans to have his plane modified to have a break-away tail wheel.  His second concern is water.  Since the time it takes to dump water varies according to the plane in question, he suggests that pilots should time how long it takes to dump the water from their planes.  Lorry relayed a personal experience in which he had initiated a water dump in the air.  He landed twenty minutes later, thinking that there had been sufficient time to empty his tanks, but unbeknownst to him, the left water tank had not emptied.  He could not notice this in the air, but it made for a dangerous landing, and the heavier weight in the left wing pulled the wing into the ground.

With only eight contestants registered, all have agreed to compete in the Sports Class.  The weather report for Tuesday is promising.  The day finished on a hearty note with a welcome party featuring select beverages and tasty hors d’oeuvres which fostered good conversation and story telling.

          Laura Betzoldt

Posted: 5/31/2010


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