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Region 10 North - Contest Day 4 Report

By far, today was the hardest day of the contest.  It took everything you had to just barely putt around the course.  Experience was definetly a key factor in being a winner.

Ken Sorenson wins the FAI combined class and Wally Berry wins the Sports class.  Their experience really shined through.

For those of you who are looking at the scores, here is some finer details.  We had one pilot Steve Leonard who had some mechanical problems with his gear that led to him withdrawing from the remainder of the contest.  One pilot, TA, left early to head to his next contest in Ionia, MI.  Myself, dropped out on the last day due to a family emergency.  Several pilots on the last day received a zero because they could not get out of the start cylinder.

In summary our club had a huge weeklong party.  We had several new contests pilot fly in a non-threatening environment.  It was their first time in a contest, and likewise our first time hosting a contest.  Our club financially profited greatly from this.  We will use the money wisely to keep the sport of soaring climb higher and higher.

Many of the more experienced pilots have commented on a "new level of respect for the local pilots here."  As George Moffat wrote in his book Winning, that great soaring champions have come from weak lift areas.  With a combination of a generous club that promotes cross country soaring (even in club ships) and typical light lift weather conditions.....could this be a Breeding Ground for future soaring champions???!!!

Only time will tell as we plan on hosting more SSA sanctioned regional contests here in the future.  A rematch is in the works!

 Scott Alexander

***Note***  Look for a YouTube video as a final wrap up to be posted on this site, also on rec aviation soaring.


Posted: 5/29/2010


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