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Region 10 North - Contest Day 3 Report

Wow!  Another great day at Cherry Valley, Arkansas.

No sniffer today, blue skies with some cumulus clouds.  It was obvious today that it was going to be like yesterday, but better.

At 1:00pm the launch began.  The first off the ground reported light lift to 3,300 MSL.  Once airborne there were large gaggles in the weak lift as pilots struggled to get up to a legitimate start altitude.  Some took an early start while others patiently waited for a good thermal to position them. 

Only an hour later, the conditions picked up to about average for the area.  3-4 knot thermals with bases at 4,000 to 4,500 feet.  Wally Berry reported a 5,000 ft base on a strong thermal.  The low visibility in the hazy skies made it difficult to see where the lift markers were ahead of you on course.

No threat of thunderstorms or rain showers today.  However, in the evening there was a few way out on the horizon about 50 miles away.  Only a few land outs, most everyone made it back to the field. 

Several pilots commented on how it seemed odd to do cross country flying at altitudes between 2,500 to 3,500 feet, but!...with an unprecedented amount of landable fields, it was not an uncomfortable feeling at all. 

Today's great fun and adventure was topped off again by another great meal.  Shish-ka-bobs, or as Micki Minner refers to them as "Scott-Ka-Bobs" created and cooked by me.  2 pineapple chunks, chicken, steak, bell pepper (repeat 3 times) with mesquite seasoning on them.  Slow cooked for a juicy tasting meat and double checked with a knife on each piece of chicken for a well done product.  About 65 of these ka-bobs were made and we have none left over!

Scott Alexander

PS "Circling is for Losers" pronounced (la-hoo-sirs), was today's catch phrase!

Posted: 5/28/2010


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