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Region 10 North - Contest Day 2 Report

Boo-yah!  Another thrilling day here at Cherry Valley, Arkansas.

The same weather system that we have become used to, was a little easier on us today.  Today's forecast summary with a combined look at RUC, NAM, Skew T and local knowledge was 3-4 knot lift with bases near 5,000 feet, lots of cu coverage with a chance of thunderstorms late in the day.

Our head-honcho Charlie Minner declared a 2.5 hour TAT sending the sports class south to Forest City (20 mile radius) and then north to Classic (20 mile radius), then to the finish.  The FAI classes had a southern turnpoint of Marianna, then a daring flight off in the flatlands.

Small cumulus whisps were on the horizon from 10 am to 12:45 pm.  Then, it started looking like a real classic day.  All classes were launched at 1 pm.  The air looked better than it was.  Lots of slow 1 knot climbs to 3,300 feet.  Pilots took an early leave through the start cylinder.

Surprisingly just 10 miles out on course things really started picking up. solid 4 knot climbs were common with an occasional 5 knot climb.  Bases had risen to 4,700 in spots.

Lots of traffic went deep into the first turnpoints.  On the returning legs to Cherry Valley a thunderstorm had slowly crept up about 3-4 miles northwest of the airport.  Some gliders managed to get in coming from the east.  Other gliders (myself included) that were inbound from the south and southwest were unable to skirt along the cell and chose to land at Wynne municipal airport.

We had a fine landout party with 6 gliders at Wynne.

We were honored to have Bob Richard show up today.  Bob had to drop out due to an injury with his right arm.  We wish Bob a speedy recovery!

This concludes the contest day 2 report.  We now officially have a contest and look forward to our next two days of flying which are the best forecst yet!

Scott Alexander

Posted: 5/27/2010


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