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Region 10 North - Contest Day 1 Evening Report

In short summary, we had only 3 landouts today.  Virtually everyone made it around the intended original MAT course.  Tonight at our Beer, Bratwurst and Burgers party, many contestants shared that "today was the day to leave the start cylinder asap."

Once south of the airfield, most everyone agreed that 2-3 knots with an occasional 4-5 knot thermal was standard.  There were isolated rain showers very far apart.  No lightning, just heavy rain.

Since it is our first contest, we are going slower than normal with our scoring.  We promise to post our flight logs and scores as soon as we can.

We are glad to report that we now have an official contest day.  Our forecast for the next 3 days has improved greatly.  New friendships have been made as well.  This contest has been a major milestone in our clubs history.  It has truely increased the excitement and enthusiam.  Including one member who this has just pushed him over the edge to purchase a new glider today.  He hopes to race his new SZD-55 in our contest next year! 

Scott Alexander

P.S.  If you ain't first....your LAST!  Shake and bake!!

Posted: 5/26/2010


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