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Region 10 North - Contest Day 1 Mid-Day Report

The sunshine from yesterday paid off.  The ground was hard enough today to produce thermal lift.

Thinking that we may have a good day with 4,000 ft bases, 2-4 knot lift and good cumulus coverage, our CD sent up a sniffer at noon.  David Cahoon launched as todays sniffer in his ASW-28 under complete blue conditions.  We all were told to standby for an early launch, in order to deal with todays forecast of overdevelopment by mid afternoon.  Our sniffer after a good honest try landed back under complete blue skies around 12:40.  

Minutes later, lots of cumulus started developing around the airport.  Charlie Minner immediately launched the fleet.  Our MAT with one turnpoint to the south was changed to an unrestricted MAT with 2 hours minimum time.

Shortly after, when the start cylinder opened up, nearly a dozen gliders barreled out of the cylinder towards excellent looking cumulus clouds to the south.

As I write this I am sitting at the FBO at Forest City Municipal airport where I have landed out and enjoying the ice cold air conditioning!  On my return leg from Marianna, there was overdevelopment which shot me down.  I am currently looking out the window as 4 gliders dig out of the OD. Their altitude currently looks to be around 1500 ft AGL.  One of them is EY and another is SL.

20 minutes later, they have made it to cloudbase and pushing forward.  Good job guys! 

Hat's off to the winner of todays adventure.  More to come later after our Burgers, Bratwurst and Beer party tonight.

Scott Alexander


Posted: 5/26/2010


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