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Region 10 North - Tuesday Report

Again today pilots awoke to blue skies and calm winds.  Steve Vihlen our weatherman, gave us his view on the RUC, NAM and his personel local knowledge.  His synopsis was basically, if there is any soaring potential today it will be short lived by a few hours and the lift will be light.  Yesterday we received alot of rain fall, which by this morning, many surrounding fields are still wet.

By 12:30, Charlie Minner launched off two sniffers (EY and SA).  Both sniffers struggled between 1,000 AGL and 2,000 AGL in 0.5 to 1.5 average thermal strength, then returning roughly an hour later.

At 2:30pm, both sniffers were launched again.  Cumulus whisps were forming east and south of our gliderclub.  The task had been shortened to a one hour MAT in a genuine effort to atleast get in a small task.

By 3:30, the conditions had improved slightly to 1-2 knot thermals but topping out at 2,300 AGL.  At that point our Charlie called off the day because we simply had run out of time at this point.

Several pilots opted for a tow anyways.  There are several crew members, family and pilots watching a half dozen pilots on the spot tracking we have set up in our club house.  Currently Frank Paynter and Ken Sorenson are using all their might as they scrap along in a gutsy attempt to fly the task which was "North Start - Forest City - Finish".

The good news however is that a day filled with direct sunlight seems to have dried out the rain that fell yesterday.  The thermals today kicked off just a few hours too late for a race.  Hopefully by tommorow, this sunshine will have paid off with drier ground.

Scott Alexander

Posted: 5/25/2010


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