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Region 10 North - Practice Day 2 Report

Several more pilots have arrived here at the Memphis Soaring Society's private grass strip located in Cherry Valley, AR.  As of today, we have 18 pilots competing in the first ever Region 10 north.

Charlie and Micki Minner kicked off a pilots meeting at 10:00am. Charlie shared some general contest safety thoughts to refresh all of us.  Steve Vihlen, our contest weatherman, gave us a daily outlook and a weekly outlook.  For practice day 2: cloudbases of 4,000 feet, 2-3 knot lift, 12 knot winds at cloudbases from the south-southwest with a good chance of streeting.

Charlie then called a 115 mile task that virtually took everyone due south to Forest City, AR, then due north to Jonesboro, AR and back.  Steve's forecast was accurate.  Almost everyone made it back home.  Average speeds for most were in the upper 30's (mph) for the sports class ships and the mid to low 40's (mph) for the FAI classes.

Frank Paynter (TA) impressed ALL of us with a 900 mile drive coming all the way from the Mifflin contest which finished yesterday.

The evening was finished off with Beer, BBQ, baked beans, coleslaw and sweet tea, of which David Coucke (OS) claims it was "the best baked beans I have ever tasted in my life!"

Here's to hoping for more days like this to come in our contest.  Today was a great memory for our clubs history.

Scott Alexander

Posted: 5/23/2010


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