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Region 2 - Mifflin County Airport - Contest Wrap UP

Hi race fans

Well, the day I dread every year has finally come to a close. The gliders are all back in the box after a valiant attempt at a Day 5 mission. What we had today was a weather system moving in that at most sights would not even allow a launch. At this sight, when a south wind approaches, the backside of the local "Jacks mountain" ridge works like gangbusters. I have stood on this very field and watched Charlie Spratt rescue many a contest by using this mission to get in the 1 day he needs to make it a valid contest. This year we already had that, so the theory was, launch and rely on backside lift to keep them up until convection happens. This never occurred and although you could fly a short task, nothing was to be gained in doing so, and the day was cancelled a little before 2 PM.

The awards presentation was set for 3PM in the morning meeting hall. Medallions were presented to the top 3 in every class and we congratulate them all. The overall winners in each class were, Mark Keene Standard, Roy Mc Master 15M, Doug Jacobs 18 M, and Tom Beltz Sports. The final award is the "Mifflin". This trophy was created by our airport board, and awarded every year for the longest distance flight of the meet. This year it is in the good hands of W3, Tim Welles. These men and all the pilots in this sport bring out the best in sportsmanship, competition, and good naturedness that I have ever experienced in any sport. Next time you run onto a racing pilot, stop and tell them how much you admire what they do, the fun they have with it, and the fun they bring to all of us that watch with envy.

Shortly after this ceremony, the field is once again, barren. It is always a sad time when a contest ends for me. I love to see them arrive all ready and willing to learn, compete and hopefully win. The happy fact is, finish first or last on that darn sheet, we all go home winners for the friends we make, the people we meet, and the help we can give someone along the way. A contest is a wonderful thing, help teach a new kid to race, so that many generations after mine can enjoy it as I do.

Many thanks need to be said, the first of which go out to Karl and Iris for planning and hosting this event. Soaring would be much worse off had they never been in it. After that, Iris likes to call us "team Mifflin" It really is just that, a team of locals that have nothing more than the love of flying, and the love of fellow mankind. My brother Steve Glick on OPS, Paul Weeden, Haven Goulding, Fred Winter, Janine Acee, Joanie Yanusus, Al Nearhood, Butch and Becky Thompson and probably a few people I have not thought of. 2 people that I could never forget, and really do more than we know, our Scorer Leo Buckley and his dear wife, Pat. They are true "southern charm" and we send out a thank you in our best yankee lingo. This list could go on forever, we thank each and every one of you.

Always at this time I think of my dear friend "the Gate" No name needs mentioned as he is soaring with us somewhere. I leave you now with his famous sign off.


Brian Glick



Posted: 5/23/2010


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