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Region 2 - Mifflin County Airport - Day 3 Report

Day 3

Thursday sprang open here at Mifflin with clear blue skies and much warmer temps. The morning pilot’s meeting was flooded with thanks to people who pitched in and helped out yesterday, which was problematic at best, and a severe cluster (bleep) at worst. This turned out to be 1 of the most labor intensive days that most remember at a contest, and we are all hoping that kind of day is behind us.

The weather brief was short today as CWG Kellerman stood up and uttered 2 words of his highly english dialect. CRACKING GOOD. These words would come back to bite his scrawny butt later.

The CD also fell into a groundhog hole with his first task sheet. Seems he believed everything that Squire Kellerman was feeding him and planned as if it was a given. He then proceeded to pass out a task with no back up plan. The first sign of things to come occurred as we gridded up and looked over the sky. Wala, there were no cue, how could this be? CD KS took a sniffer tow in his DUO and was proptly greeted by the runway again in short order. Things were not cooking fast enough or well enough for the robust 4 hour and 4 and 1\2 hour tasks he called. After a conference with his advisors, a meeting was called and the last turn point changed to something closer to the homedrome and all tasks were shortened by 1 hour. The launch is delayed 1 hour and starts at 12:30. The lift is slower to develop, but once up most stuck and things fired off to allow all gates to open.

I now stood on the ground and looked at a sky of nice cu, but all was not quite up to snuff. Soon after the gate opened, the retrieve phone rang. There were not many landouts overall, but the first leg was very tough and many people report traps everywhere in this part of it. Seems the usual Mifflin task area sink hole, Lock Haven collected the most gliders today.

Of those who got around, most reported the same thing, sometimes good, sometimes really lame to downright awful. Standard class was won by Mark Keene and Sports by Tom Beltz. It has been a few years since we have seen Tom on our grid, but he sure has not forgotten how to get around a task area. Oh, and did I mention he did it in a PIC 20. See what I mean.

The last 2 classes were dominated by the Harris Hill air force. We have many racers here from the hill, and all fly very well. Today it was Tim Welles in 18 M and Cory Sullivan in 15 M. If you check the scores you will see that 1 point kept us from having a "Sullivan family affair" on the winners platform tomorrow. Monte also had a great flight but finished with a 999 score to Welles’s 1000. THAT IS CLOSE. I think somewhere 97 was heard to whisper, darn old timers anyway!!!

We have 2 days left to race. Let’s hope the weather gods shine on those days.

Brian Glick

Posted: 5/21/2010


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