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Region 2 - Mifflin County Airport - Day 2 again Report

Day 2 extended

Wednesday dawned with leftover low clouds and muck. As I mentioned yesterday, there was some chance of it clearing early. With a glimmer of hope, 3 classes were ordered to grid with 1 standing down to shorten the launch. As it turns out, nothing but good lift could have shortened this launch at all. With 1 class missing from the grid, we still managed to make 73 tows. WOW, this was a long and concerted attempt to keep gliders aloft.

It turned into a pure minimum distance day and looks as if 2 classes actually met the rules for a contest day, although a little more glancing at the scoresheet may be in order. I can say that no one went very far, as it was a local close in task that kept most everyone in the home valley. The clearing did not happen in time, and the lift when it did clear was barely flyable. Many ships came home in the trailer and more behind the towplane. After this day was over, all were glad for the chance of better weather for Thursday.

The evening social followed with a new idea for Mifflin. Moe and Sophie and many helpers prepared a meal of traditional Lebanese food. I am told it was a very labor intensive meal and the amount of people to thank for this are just too numerous to mention here. Rest assured, none of your hard work and effort goes unnoticed.

Tomorrow looks to be a good racing day, I will report to you after the days events for all the items that are fit to print.


Brian Glick

Posted: 5/21/2010


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