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Region 2 - Mifflin County Airport - Day 2 Report

Hi Race fans,

Day 2 has dawned with not nearly as rosy of an outlook as the first 2. In fact, most thought it was hopeless, and no one had rigged as of the 9:30 pilot’s meeting. To most people’s surprise, the CD declared an attempt at a short "backside" ridge mission for 2 of the 4 classes. Surprisingly there were no moans and groans as this task was announced and the rigging and gridding went very smoothly and very quickly. I send out a big thank you to all who made this go well. The grid time was set for 10:45 and first launch at 11:00. Soon after the launch started it was fairly obvious that the backside of Jacks was working marginally, but in this task the turn points are very limited. This was the main problem as with half the field up, 1 sniffer reported rain half way to the first turn. The launch was promptly scrubbed and the task canned as well. All were encouraged to stay up and have fun, but it was not long until it was raining gliders as most elected to return rather quickly.

The remainder of the day was filled with the usual non contest day events, and I managed to get in a little fishing with the "hill rats" who were all gloating that they caught fish and I did not! It is always better to be lucky than good!

The evening meal was planned for this day, and we enjoyed a wonderful meal of bar-b-qued pork, chicken and I think a little beef as well. All was made even better when it was preceded by Pat Buckley’s famous h’orderves, and a Belgian beer sampling by Baud Litt. The meal itself was done by a local catered\seafood specialist who is very good at what he does. It was much more to my liking, as I grew up as a "meat and potatoes" type of guy.

Today dawned much as yesterday only with no hope of getting a task in at all. We had a short pilot’s meeting, and KS did something I know gives him great pain to do; he actually cancelled the day at the morning meeting. WOW, it may snow tomorrow!! Actually, the clearing trend is closer than we originally thought and Wednesday may clear early enough to get a task in. Chief weather guesser Kellerman briefed us that from Wednesday on, he thought, look good. We are looking forward to getting back on the grid and in the air.

In the Spratt honored tradition of trying to report on other happenings than racing, I should mention a few familiar faces. Fred Mueller is here, and doing quite well for all that he has been through. This is not to say that all is normal for him yet, but he has a good attitude and seems to be recovering nicely. It was and always is great to see him, and we wish him well in his continued recovery. Local pilot, Fred Winter has been here every day to help out too. He is not as far along, but is equally doing well, and our best wishes go out to him too. Moe and Sophie Acee arrived as well, with Corky Gill in tow. They are providing Wednesday’s nights meal of tradition Lebanese food. This is new, and we are all looking forward to that.

With better weather coming, I think the racing will heat up. More as I have it.

Brian Glick

Posted: 5/18/2010


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