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Region 2 - Mifflin County Airport - Day 1 Later Report

Hi race fans


We are here at Mifflin holding the Region 2 championships. First I have to apologize to all readers for the lack, so far, of much in the way of reports. The first few days have been a whirl wind of activity, and I just “dropped the ball” on this part of my duties. I will make the best effort to keep you all better informed from here on in.

First I have to mention that we have a very robust field of racers this year, and the practice day,  and day 1 weather was great. Practice days can be very trying at times in normal conditions, and this practice day was not normal. We had just come out of a period of rainy weather, and the forecast  called for winds out of the northwest all day on Saturday. Anyone who follows this sport and this sight knows this is exactly what we look for here. We dissed the standard practice day grid in favor of, rig and go fly, the earlier the better. We launched the first glider at 8:00AM and the launch continued pretty steady through Noon.  Many people were  arriving, opening the trailer and in short order arrived on the line for a tow. Many of the 2 seaters went up and down all day hauling another smiling passenger to see what happens on a good ridge day. All had fun, with some of the longer flights I know of being in the 500-550 mile range with speeds in the mid 80’s to mid 90’s.

We followed that up with a wonderful meal of salad samplers and enough greens to keep a field full of rabbits happy. It was prepared with loving care and dedication by Jonie, Iris and the rest of the Mifflin ladies. We thank them all for what they do to make this contest run smoothly.  Mandatory pilots meeting followed and we all turned in for much needed rest after a long day and many smiles by all who flew.

On Sunday, Day 1, we all awoke to what looked to be a wonderful day to race.  The pilots meeting was short, the weather man predicted good honest cu all the way through the task area.  Robust tasks were called for all classes, KS is the CD so we expect this.  All went on big TAT’s with the first to the extreme northeast, the second to the northwest and the last out due east of the home drome. FAI classes had a 4 and a half hour minimum, sports was 4 hours.  Winners for the day averaged between 50 in sports to 64 in 18 M.  Most of the reports that filtered to me were from great day to at times difficult to navigate your way to the good lift. Only 5 land outs tell us that we got the most out of this day that we could. I talked to a few pilots that told me they were low enough to be uncomfortable several times, but all managed to dig out and get home. It was overall a great day to start the race.


Brian Glick




Posted: 5/18/2010


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