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Region 9 South - Day 5 Report - Final Day


Racing Fans,


Today is the final day of our contest and Micki and I are sorry to see it come to an end. It's like the end of a family reunion for us. We know we probably won't see some of our friends until next soaring season. Tomorrow we'll come back out to the field to pack up and watch the sad sight of the departing trailers on their way home. It's been a great contest with wonderful weather and even better hospitality.


The weather for today was wonderful. We had lift as high as 15,000 ft. with some scattered cu's and as lift as strong as 12kt. Several pilots reported lift averages over 7 kt. For their flights!!! In addition we were blessed with light winds and moderate temperatures. We haven't yet seen 100 degrees.


The task for the FAI classes was an assigned speed task covering 252.58 miles around 4 turn points, Amado, Picachio Peak,Table Top, Ryan Field and home. The Sports Class flew a 3 hour TAT with large radii and Ruby Star substituted for Amado as their first turn point.


The overall results for the Region Nine South contest showed Sean Franke the winner in Sports Class, Dave Leonard in 15 meter, Ralph Berg in Standard, and Gary Ittner in the 18m. Class.

Please see the the posted results for all the details.


I cannot close with commenting on an incident we had today. In Sports Class, Eric Redweik, flying a Zuni II, had an almost complete control failure at 9,000ft. Leaving him with only rudder, flaps, and slight aileron control with flaps deployed. He decided to attempt to land at Pinal Airport (very large runways) after assessing the situation. He made a great landing with only slight damage from a tangle with a landing light. He's a very young pilot who displayed the cool demeanor of a professional.


Micki and I head for the Region 10 North contest on Wednesday. We'll get back to you then.


See you at the airport

Charlie “Lite” Minner

Contest Director

Posted: 5/15/2010


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