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Region 9 South - Day 4 Report


Racing Fans,


Every morning we’ve been starting the day with competition flying classes at 9:00am supervised by Billy Hill. The other instructors have included Tom Kelley, Garret Willet, John Seaborn and Tony Smolder. These have proved to be very popular with almost all of the entrants attending daily. I’d also like to mention that the Tucson club also has a tightly structured cross country program that is quite popular within the club and is producing many of the local competitors.


The weather forecast for the day was similar to yesterday’s although indicating good lift to the east where haven’t yet ventured and an injection of some moisture from the south that was likely to produce some cu’s. The top of the lift was moved up to 13,000ft. with strong thermals in the 6-8kt. range, light winds and a b/s ratio >10.


The FAI classes flew a 3 hour TAT with turnpoints in the Graham and Catalina mountain ranges. The third turnpoint took the pilots over the Bioshpere and than west to a small ultralight strip a few miles south of El Tiro. The Sports class flew a 2 ½ hour TAT which took them over similar areas but not as far east as the FAI classes.


Gary Ittner won the 18m. Class at 81.58MPH good for 270.14 miles, giving him a 441 point lead over Tom Kelley who had a slow day today. Ralph Berg strengthed his overall lead in Standard with another daily win. He flew 251.53 miles at 78.29MPH. The 15m. win again went to Jim Cumiford. Dave Leonard maintained his overall lead with a third place finish today. Sports class went to Garret Willat who moved within 47 points of overall leader Sean Franke.


The day closed with a Margarita celebration and a bring your own bar-b-que. Judging by the decibel level, a good time was had by all.


We’re looking forward with the mixed feelings that always accompany the end of a contest; a good contest in the books, but the scattering of good friends back to their home fields.


See you at the airport,

Charlie "Lite" Minner

Competition Director


Posted: 5/14/2010


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