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Region 9 South - Day 2 Report

Racing Fans,

Today we celebrated "Raytheon Day" to highlight our sponsors participation in our contest.  The president  of the corporation, Bob Cox, spent the entire day with us and took two flights and emerged from glider with a big smile on his face reflecting the excellent soaring we had today.

The winds finally abated to the 5-10 kt. with a 10,000ft. top of the lift.  The thermals ranged in strength from 4-10kt with a 6kt. average. For many of the pilots the conditiions weakened later in the day but all but two managed to get home.

We flew a three hour TAT with large radii to allow all classes to fly the same task.  I like to do that to allow the weaker Sports Class to have  markers and a better chance to finish the task and share in the satisfaction of finishing what they started.

We are all glad-handing the new hot pilot, Eric Redweik, in his great performance today.  He placed 3rd in sports class in his first ever contest...just behind two US team members, Garrett Willatt and Sean Franke.  How about that for a first contest?

Tonight we had a lasagna meal that was very appreciated, as we all gathered around the wine bottles and looked at the weather for the next few days and celebrated the timing in Tucson.  

See the results to see where we stand.  The weather for the rest of the contest looks to be strong and we're really looking forward to the rest of the week.

See you at the airport,

Charlie "Lite" Minner

Competition Director

Posted: 5/12/2010


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