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Region 9 South - Should have Been Day 2 - NOT

The winds were too high and dangerous to launch and fly today.  We waited until noon to try another task meeting, and the winds had not abated....so the day had to be called.

However, we had a WONDERFUL evening sponsored by the US team members.  They brought a keg of beer (ALE!), Pizza and Deserts. (what else does a glider pilot need at the clubhouse?)

John Seaborn, Garret Willat, Tom Kelley, Gary Ittner and Sean Franke all talked about how difficult it is to raise money to go represent the USA in the World Championships.  The SSA does NOT sponsor or give money to the team as in other countries.  The money that comes from the SSA World Team Fund (thankfully managed by Doug Jacobs) covers each pilots costs to the tune of only 5-10%.  The rest has to be coughed up the pilot.  We need to support our USA team as best we can.  Buy Raffle Tickets, Share donations, and help our pilots represent the USA.

Back to the gliderport tomorrow, where the weather guy (Mike the Strike) will hopefully be wearing a white hat.  The hat color shows us what to expect for the day's weather...and we don't like the other colors near as much!


Posted: 5/11/2010


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