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Region 9 South - Day 1 Report - May 10, 2010

Racing Fans

We're here at beautiful El Tiro Gliderport about 30 miles northwest of Tucson for the Region Nine South contest sponsored by the Tucson Soaring Club with support from the Raytheon Corporation. We would like to thank Raytheon for their significant donation to the club's efforts.  This is the first regional contest here in many years. The club has made significant upgrades to their facilities in the last few years that make it a great contest site.

The first day's weather was domiinated by high winds and a cloud base of only about 6400-7,000ft.AGL. For the most part thermals were 4-6kt. with winds from the SW that reached 25kt. by the end of the day.

The task for all classes was a TAT with a minimum of 3hrs. for FAI and 2 1/2hrs. for Sports Class to Amado(46.16 miles) with a 25 mile radius, Redrock(106.8) with a 15 mile radius, Diamond Bell Ranch(144.6 miles) with a 15 mile radius and back to El Tiro for a nominal distance of 170.38 miles.

The wind made it a challenging day for everyone and the day was devalued for all classes.  See the score sheet for the day's results.

HL and GH both had problems with their ships (the winds took HL's canopy un-invited) and had to withdrawn...drat and durn.  But, expect to see them in future Region 9 contests!

See you at the airport,

Charlie "Lite" Minner

Contest Director 

Posted: 5/10/2010


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