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Region 5 North - R5N Wrap up (updated)

Saturday morning greeted us with overcast and a sprinkle of rain. The best we could find in the forecast was a “sucker hole” about big enough to grid in, probably not enough to fly in. By 0900 it was apparent we weren't even going to get that. Time to pack. By 10, it's sprinkling more or less continuously. At least the call is an easy one.

The story of this contest is twofold, great racing on the one hand, and a very quiet, efficient, smooth running organization on the other. Al and Rhonda Tyler have done it again. One of the keys to success here is their ability to recruit such great help.

Here are the spark plugs (thanks Rhonda):

Patty Smith  -  Adminstration
Ray Galloway  -  CD
Russell Muschick  -  Operations Chief
Leo Buckley  -  Scorer
Pat Buckley  -  Retrieve Office
Scott Fletcher  -  Weather
Kurt Van Graf  -  Chief tow pilot
Line Crew  -  Ray, Ernie, Keith, Ike, Tommy, Wesley
Jim & Chris Stoia  -  Cooks & Sniffers (Sun, Mon & Wed meals)
Mary & Dana Stoia  -  Cook helpers
Wayne Robinson  -  Cook ("Chicken on a Beer")
Dwayne Courtney  -  Cook (Fri BBQ)
US Team Dinner  -  Bill, John, Ryszard, Al, Dennis, Gary, Rob, Chris, Carol, Leigh, Sam

The Stoia family has been in soaring for many years.  Jim runs Precision Air as well as the Claridon County FBO.  Chris is an electrical engineer in the Atlanta area.   They cook for friends because they enjoy it (I thought they must be pros -- ed.)

Wayne Robinson is a soaring pilot also, and works for the FAA.   He comes each year to cook the Chicken-on-a-Beer for us.   It is a good time to visit with friends.

Dwayne Courtney is a county deputy who enjoys cooking and catering BBQ.

You've done better than well, you've set a new standard as far as I'm concerned.

There are more too -- thanks to the rest of you tow pilots (Jayne Reid,  Leonard, Phil and  Lynda LaBerge I've met, I know there are others I haven't) and everyone else that helped out.

On the racing side, we had plenty of good close racing, but we also had four pilots who were on fire and pretty much unstoppable. Consistency is the watch word for Sarah Kelly Arnold, who races to Sports class victory without winning a single day! She wraps up with an even 200 point margin over Steve Cameron with Ryszard Krolikowski third. In Standard, Mark Keene gets the win with Mike Smith in second and Baude Litt in third. In 15m, Hank Nixon had the hot touch with Steve Koerner second and Fernando Silva third. In 18m, Bill Elliot provided the irresistible force that took him to victory, with Jerzy Szemplinski second and Dick Butler third. Veteran contest watchers will look over those names and let out a long whistle – victory at Perry isn't something you fall into, it's something you work for, hard. This is one tough (but friendly) crowd.


-Evan Ludeman / T8

Posted: 4/27/2010


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