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Region 5 North - Day 5 Report

Today was the sort of day you dream about in mid-Winter.  Absolutely gorgeous, strong, high, nearly perfect.  That isn't to say that it was necessarily easy.

For such a strong day, the scores are all over the place.  My take is that despite well formed cu, the strongest cores were often difficult to locate if you were more than a couple thou' under cloud base.  The fast guys did it by getting connected and staying high, getting the best information from the clouds.  That's XC soaring 101, of course, but it wasn't all that easy to get to cloud base today (says the guy who never made it).

Mark "We don't need no steenking flaps" Keene does an amazing flight at 81 mph in Standard, followed by Mike Smith at 73 mph and Bob Spitz at 69.  In 15m, Hank Nixon stretches his lead at 79 mph, followed by a tie for second between Steve Koerner and Fernando Silva at 75 mph.  In 18m, Jerzy Szemplinski takes the day at 77 mph followed by Bill Ellliot and Dick Butler at 75 mph.  Dick was a little faster but coughed up a penalty.  In Sports, it's Ryszard Krolikowski, Steve Cameron and Sarah Arnold at 58, 58 and 54 mph actual.

Out on the 15m/Std course we ran into a small but energetic forest fire near Edgefield County airport.  I clocked that smokey thermal at 9.5 knots average for the whole thermal.  We even had a hawk in there with us.  Cleaning up the glider after the flight another first: ash in addition to bugs.

Tonight was another feast (pig roast).  Weather for tomorrow looks poor.  We'll see if our luck is used up in the morning and very well may be on the road.  Whether or not we fly tomorrow, there will be no complaints. 

-Evan Ludeman / T8

Posted: 4/23/2010


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