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Region 5 North - Day 3 Report

Not much to say this evening: I am as wore out as I've ever been after a contest flight.  A promising forecast led to AST calls for all the FAI guys and a a TAT for Sports.  The actual weather departed a bit from our hopes.  Many of us had trouble starting when we wanted to and then ran into mostly windy, sheary blue conditions. Unusually, winds aloft were lighter at reasonable altitude.  So when the hammer fell -- for me on the long upwind leg from Allendale to McCormick -- 17 knots at 1800 msl (terrain around 400) was just an added challenge.  Arriving at McCormick only 60 or so miles from Perry sometime after 5 pm. it was blessed relief to pull the plug and drop all the water I'd lugged around, mostly unproductively.  Michael Poe and I met up just after the last turn, dug out and floated home in a two-shipper out of the past (he flies a '20B, as well).

I note that Std class kicked our 15m butts today - good for you guys.  They had a slightly shorter task and escaped some of the worst of the task area, but still a fine performance.  I look forward to reviewing some of the 18m logs.   Many days, there seems little difference between 15 and 18m ships, but today was clearly an 18m day.  Good on you guys, too.

Dinner tonight was the Low Country Boil -- I swear that was the only thing that kept me going.  We had a great airshow too -- but I was much too tired to care.

Tango-eight, home for dinner.

-Evan Ludeman

Btw -- thanks to all those that reponded.  The custom contest sectionals previously mentioned are made by Taylor and Amelia Blackburn, you can contact them at soaringmaps at gmail dot com.

Posted: 4/21/2010


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