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Region 5 North - Practice Day Report

This is my second trip to Region 5 North at Perry, but this Northern boy has already concluded that the event and the venue are among our national treasures. Even the drive is pleasant. Coming from New Hampshire as I do, the drive goes along the scenic Shenandoah Valley and it's a real pleasure to head South and watch Spring spring in a sort of time lapse mode. This year the redbuds were especially nice, and as evening wore on I was treated to a beautiful slim new moon.


Saturday's unofficial practice treated us to a mix of air masses, one poor, one outstandingly good, all with stout winds aloft (20 – 25 kts). Excellent streeting occurred in some areas and most everyone came back with big grins. Back home, it's snowing – egad. I'm glad to be in Dixie, Hooray, Hooray.


Sunday, official practice, brought very dry, blue conditions with light winds and top of convection from 4 – 5k. 2 ½ hour turn area tasks were called for all classes. Winning speeds reflected often soft, always blue and fairly low conditions: Chris Ruf claims the honors in Sports, Baude Litt in Std, Erik Nelson in 15m and Dick Butler in 18m at speeds of about 45, 52, 59 and 65 mph, respectively. For once us 15m guys didn't get dusted by the Stds (thanks Erik!).  Al Tyler (8H) and John Cochrane (BB) are flying in 15m as guests.  They'll be practicing team flying, getting ready for the Internationals in Hungary.


As I write this Monday at noon, we are looking at thickening cirrus and wondering if we'll get enough heating to make the day cook. If it goes, it looks like another weak blue day.


Tango-Eight, over and out.


-Evan Ludeman


Posted: 4/19/2010


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