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Region 4 North - Friday-Saturday No Contest Day Report


Region 4 North - Fairfield PA
Friday & Saturday 16-17 October 2009
No Contest Days

It was still wet and miserable Friday morning and conditions are expected to be the same Saturday, so at the morning Pilot’s Meeting John canceled Friday and declared Saturday a “rest day”. No one complained. Pretty much everyone who had not left Thursday or early Friday morning before the Pilot’s Meeting, was gone by noon.

So that is the end of Region 4 North for 2009. Overall winners were Baude Litt (Standard), Erik Nelson (15m), John Murray (18m), Karl Striedieck (Sports).

There are many people to recognize for making this contest yet another success…CM: Preston Burch; Deputy CM & Operations: Bob Jackson; CD: John Seymour; Weather: Ward Hindman; Scorer: Leo Buckley, Advisors: Baude Litt, Dave Pixton, Bruce Conrad, Rich Horigan; Chief Tow Pilot: Jim Chick; Tow Pilots: Butch Thompson, Leonard Walker, Pete Welles, Ed Breau; Sniffer: Danny Brotto; Launch: Daniel Pixton; Roll Times: Sue Spitz; Start Times: Linda Murray; Retrieve: Mary Nelson; Registration: Martha Burch; Dinners/Lunches: Joan Jackson; Appetizers: Pat Buckley, the M-ASA ladies, with a special thank you to Zoe & John Hearn; Banquet: Sharon Pixton.

Special recognition goes out to Commander Brian Randall, Ensign Sean Noronha, and the Navy midshipmen, who were helping out on the line and on any odd job needed at the airport. We could not do it without them!

At our Banquet Thursday night, Brian and Sean gave a presentation on the summer glider program between the USNA and M-ASA. The purpose of the program is to provide a cost-effective way for midshipmen to have flight exposure and training before making their service selection and to provide a pilot screening process for the Naval Academy. Approximately 150 midshipmen flew June-August. There were nine solos and one transition from power. The Academy is also in the process of acquiring their own fleet of gliders, some coming from the Air Force. The ultimate goal is to have a program run totally by midshipmen, including tow pilots and instructors. We wish them much success! (http://www.aopa.org/aircraft/articles/2009/091015soar.html?WT.mc_id=091016epilot&WT.mc_sect=gan)

Janine Acee
SM Ground

Posted: 10/16/2009


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