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Region 4 North - Monday No Contest Day Report

Region 4 North - Fairfield PA
Monday 12 October 2009
No Contest Day

We awoke to a cloudy, chilly, damp day. At the Pilot’s Meeting, our CD informed us that “they fly in weather like this all the time in England!”, so with a small chance that the sky would open up by early afternoon and give us an hour or two of flying, we gave it a go.

We gridded at noon and sent sniffer Danny Brotto [P6] up shortly thereafter. Halfway through his sled ride back down, Danny reported back, “This isn’t England!” The sky did brighten up some and Danny was sent up a second time an hour later, but he didn’t fare much better and the day was canceled at 1:45.

Tuesday is looking like a good ridge day...Stay tuned...

Janine Acee
SM Ground

Posted: 10/12/2009


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