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Region 4 North - Contest Day 1 Report

Region 4 North - Fairfield PA
Sunday 11 October 2009
Contest Day 1

“It was good except when it wasn’t.” [Erik Mann, P3]

The day was expected to be a short one, so John wasted no time, launched the fleet at noon, and everyone was in the air by 1300.

The task was a 2 1/2 TAT to McConnellsburg, Middletown, Hanover Quarry and return for a distance of 62 min, 123 nom, and 187 max. It was an inconsistent day. Some pilots got low even before starting. Others hung around in weak wave waiting for the best time to start. Cloud streets made for good going to the first turn. In general, cloud base was reported around 4500’. Lift could be as good as 4-6 kts, but was inconsistent and the clouds were not particularly honest. Cirrus moved in the early afternoon and conditions got soft after the second turn. We had a several landouts; some of them were pilots landing back at Fairfield without making the third turn. Particularly frustrating during the day were the good looking cu in all the restricted areas!

Chris O’Callaghan [OC] decided to fly his Ventus in the 18m Class “just for kicks” and he kicked today, winning the 18m with the fastest speed of anyone in the contest: 51.33 over 131.58 miles. Erik Nelson [5E] won the 15m with of speed of 49.63 over 124.58 miles. Mike Higgins [WM] took Standards with 47.76/126.57 and Karl Striedieck [KS] the Sports with 42.66/1113.06 (hdcp).

Bob and Lynne Greenblatt [BL], longtime participants and friendly faces at these M-ASA meets, paid us a visit today. With their gliders now sold, they are no longer involved in soaring, but we’re glad they’re still checking in with us!

Tonight the M-ASA folks and Pat Buckley treated us to lots of yummy appetizers and the Litts had their Belgian Beer Bar open. All that was followed up with a delicious Italian dinner. We are not going hungry.

Janine Acee
SM Ground


Posted: 10/11/2009


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