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Region 4 North - Practice Day Report

Region 4 North - Fairfield PA
Saturday 10 October 2009
Practice Day

We’re here with the Mid-Atlantic Soaring Assoc (M-ASA) at Fairfield for the last regional of the year. M-ASA hospitality and three good contests in this October time slot to date continue to bring us back! Almost 40 pilots are signed up.

Preston Burch and Bob & Joan Jackson [RJ] again head up the organizational efforts. New on the team this year is scorer Leo Buckley and appetizer-goddess Pat Buckley; We are very happy to have them here!

Saturday was our practice day. The cold front passed through the area by noon, bringing cooler, drier air and some good soaring. CD John Seymour [SM] called a 1 1/2 hour TAT to Hagerstown, Shippensburg and return for a nominal distance of 70 miles (which, upon landing, he declared a “gross under call”). Ridge, thermals (as good as 5-7 kts with 5000’ cloudbase), cloud streets and some wave were all available to play in.

The weather for the first contest day looks good and we are optimistic about the week.

Janine Acee
SM Ground

Posted: 10/10/2009


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