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Region 4 South - Friday Report

Day 5 Contest Report, 25Sep09


Sometime in the wee hours of this morning most pilots were awaken with the heavy downpour of rain. Unfortunately the rain persisted off and on through pilots meeting at 10:00am. After Ray’s weather briefing all advisors agreed that we could not hope for a contest day for two reasons; one the forecast called for 90% rain throughout the day and secondly the grass runway and infield was much to wet to have even golf cart usage. If you haven’t visited or flown at BRSS in New Castle you must trust me their runway and surrounding grounds are well manicured and we as guests do not want to be a part of altering that in any way. After the winner’s speech and Ray’s update on the weather, the task was cancelled for the day.


I haven’t mentioned another reason BRSS always has a waiting list for entry is the outstanding job club members do in preparing and serving evening meals for the pilots and crews. This year had been no exception, we have had everything ranging from Chinese, Italian to low country broil and tonight a favorite of everyone the “the pig roast”. The BRSS has truly made this location a national treasure for soaring pilots and we all owe our gratitude to them for hosting this contest.


Tomorrows weather doesn’t look so good but soaring pilots are optimistic and weather prediction is till an art a much as a science. Here is hoping the weather predictors are wrong. dick   

Posted: 9/25/2009


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