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Region 4 South - Day 1 Report

New Castle Regional Day 1, 21Sep09


Unfortunately it was not a fabulous soaring day at New Castle. Although we all knew the weather was not promising soaring pilots are always optimistic and especially on the first day of the contest. The mandatory pilots meeting was at 9:30am followed by the daily pilot meeting at 10:00am. Even though the weather forecast for the week was not so good we had 35 pilots sign the attendance sheet at the mandatory pilots meeting. A few pilots had work related conflicts resulting in cancellations at the last moment and Henry and Nanette Retting presently are stranded in Fla with a broken motor home. Of the xx pilots entered we have four first time pilots at New Castle (Michael Poe, Scott Fletcher, Robert Morehardt and Scott Alexander). It is always good to have first time pilots at New Castle and the local pilots always do an excellent job of spooling these pilots up on the dos and don’ts of safe flying in the contest area. After the pilots meeting Penn Smith briefed all the new pilots and other interested pilots on safe off field locations with inputs from John Good and Richard Kellerman who had scouted some new fields in the Covington, Va area.


Our weather man Ray Galloway took all the heat today with a not so promising weather forecast. It is always a tough job being the weather man for a bunch of contest pilots  when you have to report bad news. Based on Rays weather report we postponed griding and called a second pilots meeting at 12:00 noon. If you have been following the weather on the East coast it was probably not surprising that Ray’s second weather report was not encouraging so we ended up canceling the contest day. We have hopes that this low pressure over Georgia will move out over the evening with at least a chance for a short task tomorrow.


As always the case at New Castle the BRSS has done an outstanding job preparing for the contest under the leadership of the contest manager Patty Smith. Not only do we have Ray Galloway providing the weather forecast but we also have Leo Buckley as our scorekeeper. Every evening the BRSS prepares an outstanding dinner and it is always a pleasure to have dinner with many of your soaring friends that you only have a chance to see once a year. After the day was cancelled a few of the model airplane pilots pulled out there favorite electric models and demonstrated model skills that parallel there soaring skills. I will say as the day wore on and some of the guys started having a few beers the model flying got a little more interesting. The model airplane flying at New Castle was initiated years ago by out friend Charlie Spratt and we all miss him at New Castle very much as both the CD, leader of the model airplane flying and mostly as a fellow friend and pilot who had a romance with soaring. 


Here is hoping for better weather tomorrow. dick

Posted: 9/21/2009


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