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Region 6 North - Day 1(take 2) Report

More scattered showers overnight, and we woke up to 95% overcast, but by the 10AM pilot's meeting, it was clear that this would burn off and give us a chance to fly.  Weather is forecast for Cu's at 3k early in the afternoon, rising to 5k as the day progresses, then dissapating into blue for the final glide home.  Winds 240 @ 18 early, swinging around to 270 after an expected front passes thru mid-afternoon.

The CD has called a 2-hour MAT (1.5 for sports), with Charlotte(20) as a mandatory first turnpoint.  Backup tasks are also MAT, with Greenville(13) and Sunfield(8) as designated first turn.  Grid at noon, and they're waiting for word fromthe sniffer at the moment...

Rick Green, Scorer. 

Posted: 8/18/2009


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