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Region 10 South - Day 5 Evening Report

Region 10 South Soaring Contest, Day 5, August 14 got started off like all the days this week – unsure weather predictions.  When I walked my dogs early this morning, the ground was much wetter than any day this week – lots of moisture in the air.  I had to make a quick run to the airport and the few little valleys between the motorhome park and the airport contained light fog, so again, lots of moisture.  We had gotten rain in the area for the last two afternoons so I guess it had not managed to drain into our parched soils around here.


With input from the advisors, the CD called an Assigned Speed Task for the Combined 18m-15m Class and for the Standard Class.  Trying to stay away from the east side of the task area, where the thunderstorms had been erupting the last two days, they sent the group to Halletsvile, 66.38 sm SW and then to Rockdale, 152 sm north of Halletsvile and home for a total of 197.65.  We had one pilot elect to come home early and two that landed at airports and one land out in a field.


The pilots that got around spoke of dodging rain showers all afternoon and several that spoke of coming home with very clean gliders from the rain showers that they could not avoid.  Again it was just choices of directions to make runs that made the difference.  Pilots that left Hallettsville and took a more easterly side of the clouds streets, fell into soft conditions and had to struggle. The pilots that took the western side rode the street almost all the way to Caldwell and then home.


The Sports Class was sent on the same course, but with a TAT with 30 sm. radius around each airport.  In Sports, we had two pilots that landed at airports and one that came home early, all wise decisions as the conditions died in the whole western area.


In the Combined 18m-15m Class, Ken Sorenson stayed on top with a near, perfect cumulative score of 4,944 pts. 


In the Standard Class, another familiar name, Danny Sorenson, lengthened his lead with another win; he is now at 4,948 pts., another almost perfect score.


In Sports Class, the lead position is still up for grabs, Bill Snead leads with 4,954 pts, but Steven Leonard is getting closer with 4,832 pts.  Bill’s 4,954 is closer to being perfect than Ken and Danny Sorenson. Steven Leonard was in 1st place today to edge closer to Bill.


The Budweiser people brought out a big cooler of beer today and we also had a birthday party for Howard Rohde.  His wife brought a big cake as a surprise and we had to wait for Howard to get back from an aero retrieve to sing Happy Birthday.


Everyone was home safe tonight, which is the most important thing.


Tomorrow’s weather has the high at 100 degrees with SSE winds at 10-20, so maybe we will have more streeting.


You should  have come to Region 10 South Soaring Contest in Brenham, TX

Posted: 8/14/2009


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