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Region 9 North - 8/14/09 Race Report

Racing Fans, 

We had a wonderful day of racing today with many twists and turns as we awaited the arrival of a cold front approaching from the west.  The main concern on my mind was the wind direction at launch time.  We have been designated to use runway 28/10 and this has worked quite well.  However, today either of these options presented an unacceptable cross wind.  The best option was 17/35, the main active runway here in Logan.  I was hesitant to use this runway for fear of alienating the locals and endangering any future contests at this location. I contacted an official of the Airport Authority and presented my predicament.  He readily agreed to our use of 17/35 and so the elephant walk began. 

The switch to runway 17 worked out very well and we were able to integrate our launch with the local traffic with little difficulty even though we had a 172 shooting touch and goes.  We completed the launch in our second fastest launch time andwe were lucky we had no jet traffic to deal with during this interval. 

The weather forecast called for strong S/W winds which are very favorable for working the ridges here.  Lift was to be in the 4-6kt. range with a cloud base near 15,000ft. in some parts of the task area. 

Open class flew a 3 hour TAT with four turn points and a nominal distance of 242 miles.  Gary Ittner won the day again at 76.85MPH continuing his undefeated streak here in Logan.  He holds a more than 500 point lead over second place Pete Alexander. 

Sports Class wound up flying a 2 ¼ hr. TAT with three turnpoints with large radius circles.  Biff Huss won the day at 69.97MPH and increased his lead over second place Jim Frantz to over 700 points.  Bob Faris was second for the day, followed by Lee Edling in third place. 

In the15m. class, we flew a 2:30 TAT with four turnpoints.  Dave Leonard took the day at 73.3MPH and closed the margin between himself and first place TT, who took second place today. 

We’re hopeful we can get a day in today after the passage of the cold front and a fair amount of rain saturating the area. 

See you at the airport

Charlie "Lite" Minner

Competition Director 


Posted: 8/14/2009


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