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Region 10 South - Day 4 Report

After yesterday's tumultous ending with extreme crosswind landings, everyone was looking for a little quieter skies.  Since the area has been so dry for months, the advisors did not think all the rain yesterday would affect today too much - wrong.  The day was much softer with speeds reflected that change.  Speeds went from the from the low 80's to the high 60's.

 We did see some possibility of problems from the north and east so they called a 3 hr. TAT, with Giddings - 20sm radius, Isabell Ranch - 20sm radius, Sandbur Ranch - 20 sm radius and return to Brenham.  Before all the gliders were launched, the northern area started to look like it might over-develop so they changed the direction of the task, which took them north first instead of last.  This worked out fine, we only had one landout caused by some rain showers.

Ken Sorenson looks like he has the Combined 18m/15m contest in the bag. He won again today with a 69.23 mph for 219.4 sm.  Al Tyler is still holding on to 2nd place, but David Martin is only 52 points behind.

Standard Class looks like the class that will be a horse race with the final winner not known to the last day, Saturday.  Today  Randy Hollenberg, too 1st with 65.06 mph fo 194.57 sm.  Danny Sorenson came in second and this is the first day that Randy and Danny  have been separated by more than 1-2 points.

 Steve Leonard won the Sports class today with a handicap speed of 53.27 for 166.42 hsm.  Even though Steve has won the last couple of days,  Bill Snead still holds on to first and Thomas McKnight has third.  Steven Coggins is sneaking up on McKnight and is now within 25 pts. of taking over 3rd.

 The east side did over development and again gave us some exciting landings with the crosswinds, but the pilots again, handled it like pros.

 The weather man says tomorrow will be much dryer, but you know you can't depend on Mother Nature letting her intentions known.



Posted: 8/13/2009


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