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Region 9 North - 8/13/09 Racing Report

Racing Fans, 

Yesterday finally started to show us the weather that we came here to find.  Today’s forecast called for more of the same but with an increased chance of thunderstorms to the east.  The western part of the task area looked very promising with 16,000ft. cloud bases, good ridge lift, and strong thermals. 

We decided to call at TAT to the west with 30 mile radius circles to give us the best chance of avoiding the storms predicted to the east and the blow off associated with them. 

We were fortunate that things started to work much earlier today so all classes were in the air at a reasonable hour.  I actually think I could have gotten things started even earlier as I waited for the sun to warm up the west facing ridges because as soon as the sun shined there things started booming 

As it turned out, the soaring was great until it wasn’t.  The cloud bases were higher than 16,000ft., the thermals were as strong as predicted in places, and the ridges were working well.  Until…………….

Blow off from the storms to the east cast a pall over the second turn point forcing many to tip toe in just to get to the edge of the circle.  A few got shut out altogether, but everyone except four contestants made it back home.  See the score sheet for the detailed results. 

See you at the airport

Charlie "Lite" Minner

Contest Director

Posted: 8/13/2009


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