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Region 10 South - Day 3 Evening Report

Today was a day of amazing contrasts; the sun came up today with high, thin cirrus covering the whole sky.  The weather reports in the morning showed a front north of Brenham, about half way between Brenham and Dallas.  There was a small line of rain caused by that front, but it was not expected to move south to affect today’s task.


With the only disturbance up north, the CD and advisors decided to send all 3 classes to the SW.  A 3 hr. TAT was called to Halletsville – 20sm radius, Gidding – 20sm radius, Columbus – 15sm radius and return.  This gave the contestants a task that ranged from 107 sm. to 309 sm.


At the time of staging, the skies were perfectly blue with no clouds in sight.  A sniffer was launched and he was able to stay up. As the launch, began clouds did begin to form and soon there were clouds all around.  Everyone headed out, but Mother Nature had a big surprise for us.


Soon after 2 p.m. we began to see development move in from the north and east with some huge thunderstorms.


With our SPOT page you could see the gliders as they approached Halletsville and it seemed like they stayed in that cylinder for a long time before they headed to Giddings.


As the day progressed, it was very apparent that the field would probably get rain and winds from the thunderstorms and the pilots started heading home.  The first contestant returned at 4:23 making sure he got home before it got exciting.  Soon gliders were coming more quickly and between 5:22 and 5:28, a 6 min. span, 11 gliders landed.  All the pilots were very professional and all landed without any problems.  It is always amazing to me how skilled contest, gliders pilots really are.  Before they got down, the rain began and we ended up with many very wet pilots.  The last glider landed at 5:56.  We did have 1 landed out at a small airport about 12 sm. out and had to be retrieved in the rain.


Except for the rain and winds at the very end, it was an amazing day.  Ken Sorenson had the fastest speed again today with 81.3 mph and the longest flight of 253.9 sm.


In the Combined 18m/15m class, Ken Sorenson stayed at the top with another 1000 point day with a total of 2944 points.  Al Tyler is right behind him with 2823 points.


In the Standard Class, Tom Nau won the day with  69.55 mph for 238.18.  This was great for Tom because on day 1 he had a PDA, display issue that made him miss the first turnpoint of the MAT and ended up with zero points.  The real battle still continues for overall first place between Danny Sorenson and Randy Hollenberg and for the second day in a row, there was only 1 point between them. For over all score Danny still holds the lead by only 7 points. 


In the Sports Class,  Steven Leonard, flying a Zuni, captured the day with 65.92 hmph for 208.25 hsm.  Bill Snead, flying a PW-5 holds on to his first place position by finishing 2nd today.  Right behind Steven and Bill is Tom McKnight, also flying a PW5.  Steven Coggins, flying a Nimbus 3, had the longest flight of the day in Sports Class with 228.7 sm.


The area certainly needs the rain, but it really caused havoc at the airport for the end of this day.  Again, with the great group of pilots that are here, even with the high winds and rain, the day ended without any real problems.


To cap of the day, we all enjoyed a wonderful meal together at the B J Longhorn Saloon.

Posted: 8/13/2009


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