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Region 9 North - 8/11/09 Racing Report

Racing Fans, 

Today wound up being another of those frustrating days for the contest director.  We were fortunate to have another tow plane courtesy of Dave Robinson from Heber, Utah, the weather forecast looked very good, and we put together a really nice 3 hour TAT with a minimum of about 140 miles and a maximum of over 300 miles. 

We were stymied by an inversion that prevented us from reaching trigger temperature until 15:15.  This, after we had a failed launch of the entire Open class fleet a bit earlier in the day.  Of course this resulted in shortening the Open Class task to 2 ½ hours.  I was forced to change the task for the other classes to a 1:45 minute MAT with one mandatory turnpoint at Mink. 

The soaring for the very short day was very good with lift in the 4-6 kt. range and a cloud base of over 13,500 ft.  As you’ll notice in the scores, winning speeds ranged from 82 MPH to 60 MPH closely related to when in the day you got a start. 

Today there were shreds of your CD’s hair scattered all over the airport by the end of the day and he was last seen sulking in a corner soaking his sore hands in an ice bucket to relieve the effects of fist pounding. See you at the airport.

Charlie "Lite" Minner

Competition Director

Posted: 8/11/2009


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