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Region 10 South - Day 1 Report

This is the first real report from the 2009 Region 10 South Soaring Championship in Brenham, TX.  Brenham is about 1 1/2 hours NW of Houston, TX.  Our only Practice day was cancelled due to severe thunderstorms right over the airport so today was our first exprience with running a contest from the Brenham Municipal Airport and it went very well.

Everyone was looking forward to a great day, but the weather reports in the morning were very unclear.  With each source you looked at, you got differing information.  Our weather guy, David Martin along with an advisor from each class, the Competition Director and the Contest Manager, decided that the only possible way to go was to call a task to the north.  The SE was supposed to have storms like yesterday and the SW showed some possibilties of over development.

We have 3 classes, an Combined 18m/15m, Standard and Sports Class.  Because of the unsure weather, they called a 2 hour MAT with one mandatory turnpoint at Caldwell - 59.72 sm., north of Brenham.  There was some high cirrus moving in from the SW, so as soon as the Start Gate was opened, gliders were leaving the area.  The call to the north worked great because we did have some thunderstorms move within couple of miles from the airport and did cause some problems with pilots that were coming back from the NE quadrant of the area.

The scores are still Preliminary because of some land outs, but the current winners are - 18m/15m - Allison Tyler at 67.56 mph. - Standard Class - Danny Sorenson at 59.06 mph and Sports Class - William Snead at 60.04 handicap mph.  The top two finishers in Sports Class were PW-5's and their actual speeds were 50.71 and 50.37.

Our weather for the rest of the week show some of the same for Tue. and Wed. with the chances of rain tapering off.  Using that phrase 'chances of rain' is something we have not been able to use much around here; most of Texas is in a drought.  But as always, bringing a glidr contest to town, brings out the rain clouds.

We do have a SPOT page up and running thanks to Frank Paynter, who drove here from Ohio looking for sunny weather.

The URL is http://r10southtracking.jgate.de/files/tracking.htm

Posted: 8/11/2009


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