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Region 10 South - Day 2 Report

Region 10 Soaring Championships at Brenham, Tx are quickly putting another Texas soaring spot on the map.  The task that was called for all task was a 3 hour min. TAT with turnpoints at Moulton, Isabell Ranch and return.  Top speed for the day was Ken Sorenson with a quick79.87 mph for 250 sm.


The daily weather was another one that did not paint a clear picture.  The only thing that adisors were fairly sure of was that we would not have any thunderstorms come into our area.  That prediction was right on and the day played out with many pilots talking of honest 5-7 kts. Thermals and with 8,000 ft cloud bases.


To cap off the winners, Ken Sorenson was 1st in the Combined 18m-15m class and that put him in 1st overall, leading the 1st day leader, Al Tyler by 56 points.


The Standard Class is really beginning to tighten up.  Randall Hollenberg won the day with a 74.88 mph and 255 sm.  But not giving up easily, Danny Sorenson was just 1 point behind him for today with 74.81 mph and 239 sm.  Danny stays in 1st  place overall with a 6 point lead.


Sports Class with 12 pilots is beginning to see some movement.  First place for today was Steven Leonard with 66 mph. and 218 sm, both handicapped numbers and that puts him into  2nd overall   The fastest speed of the day in Sports was Steven Coggins with 72.59 actual mph. flying a Nimbus 3.  Bill Snead stays in first place with 1957 points with Steven Leonard taking 2nd with 1868 points.  The two PW-5 are holding their on as they maintain cumulative positions of 1st and 3rd.


Most pilots said they had some very strong thermals, also some very strong sink with many blue holes, but with the speeds posted, it seems like it did not slow them down much. 


The Brenham Municipal Airport is proving to be a very good contest location, impressive facilities, great airport management and great weather.  On the airport we go eat at the Southern Flyer Café; see the picture of the “Poodle Skirt Waitresses” in the photo section.

Posted: 8/11/2009


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